upcoming shows

8. Juni 2018

Jazz-Redoute – Mumuth Proberaum – 23.20h

20. Juli 2018

Hutzi – Variete-Theater – Graz

08. September 2018

Most&Jazz – Recursion-Trio – Gerberhaus – 15h

past shows

15. April 2018

Jazzwerkstatt Graz

18. Jänner 2018

Scherbenkeller Graz

02. November 2017

Frankfurt – Sugar Mama Session

12. Juli 2017

3. Hauskonzert bei den Gieferls

15. April 2016

Jazzwerkstatt Graz im Orpheum


6. April 2017

SOLEV im Wist


31. März 2016

a hard year’s spring Festival in Feldbach

16. März 2017

Graz im Orpheum



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A Portrait up close

U r s u l a   R e i c h e r

  – vocals, compositions, arrangements

rec URSI on

Ursula – RECURSION – RECords ON – URSI –

takes you along into her unparalleled world of music. Taking first steps, discovering the world, doing gymnastics, humming the youngest of five delights and impresses family and friends. Ursula’s enthusiasm for the world of sound has shone through from earliest childhood. Lessons in singing, piano, guitar and trumpet led the lively and creative child up to her formal education at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz.   Her voice is unique and ranging from raucous depths to exquisite heights it harmonises perfectly in her preferred genres: jazz and pop. The young, agile artist not only impresses with her variety of musical talents, skilfully and she dives to explore oceanic depths or recovers balance (and perhaps discovers happiness) on horseback. Outdoor activities coupled with inner musings and empathy find their expression in her musical endeavours. Her adventurous but lyrical spirit is vibrant within her sensitive interpretation of music. Emotion and vitality permeate through


and thus the project exemplifies Ursula’s lyrical and musical engagement.

Who am I? What are my origins? Where am I heading?

These are central questions in life most of us have faced, questions that are present at the back of our minds as life unfolds as a continuous search for meaning. Yet, the search seems more and more concerned with the questions rather than the uncovering of definite answers.

Each question represents a scene of life – building up to

sequence of scenes.

This is shown in the new Album „Sequences of Scenes“ of Ursula Reicher’s artistic music project RECURSION, which leans towards ambient music. The atmospheric melodies are influenced by various genres which result in uniquely expressive music. By making use of popular and jazz music elements, as well as the inclusion of singer-songwriter segments, the music acquires an intriguing peculiarity. The compositions represent selected scenes of life. The sequence of scenes can be read as life experience comprised of special situations that cause transformations within us and thus shape the course of our lives. In her lyrics, moreover, Ursula wonders about the meaning of life and her musings are prompted by incidents, day dreams as well as losses which significantly affect all of our lives. The music transports these reflections and takes us to a new level of atmospheric actuality.

Recursion – Home


Recursion – Minute


Both Sides Now

comp. Joni Mitchell / arr. Ursula Reicher


Sequences of Scenes

The new album „Sequences of Scenes“ of Recursion is available from 02. october 2015. You want a CD? we are pleased about your message in the contact form. You want to listen? the CD is also available on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp

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Der Abend unserer CD-Release war, um es kurz und bündig auszudrücken, einfach GROßARTIG! Vielen lieben Dank an alle Menschen für’s Zuhören, Zusehen, Mitfühlen, Mitfiebern, Mitdenken, Mitanpacken, Mitsingen, für’s Dasein! Es war uns eine Freude mit euch unsere Musik zu teilen! In diesem Sinne freuen wir uns auf das nächste großartige Konzert! DANKE an… Recursion-Band, Andi Fink, Tom Zwanzger, Codes and Keys, Team der GMD und Wolfgang Sucher, Honny, Familie Reicher, Jan Dostal und sein Filmteam, Kerstin und Basti, und an alle Gäste!


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